Will Sundays be any different meeting at St. Peter's?
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Will Sundays be any different meeting at St. Peter's?

There will be a number of key differences for our meetings when we meet at St. Peter's Church:


Each week we used to have to roll out carpet, set up chairs, set up the worship band from scratch, set up stepping stones / little stars rooms, put out signs etc etc. The amount of set up needed each Sunday will be dramatically reduced - which will give our current early starting set-up team a well earned rest!

However, there will still be things to get ready! If you are able to volunteer some time then please do get in touch.

Service Start Time

Due the reduced amount of setup needed at St. Peter's our services here will begin at 10:30am - note this is half an hour earlier than we currently do. This allows us to make the most of the rest of the day as well as helping parents with small children who need lunchtime naps.


We will still serve tea and coffee before the service starts. We will close this down at 10:25am so we are ready to start at 10:30am.


Our Promiseland children have had to walk up to the King's Centre on Elm Grove each Sunday. When we meet at St. Peter's Promiseland will happen in the hall next door and so there will be no need for any walking buses. Your children will also be just next door should they need you!

Stepping Stones and Little Stars will also be in the church hall next door (in different rooms!)

The Building is Old!

St. Peter's Church and the hall next door are old buildings and currently the layout of both of them is not ideally suited to what we want to use them for. Therefore we ask you to be vigilant and patient while we make this transition. If you can remember back to when we first started meeting at The King's Centre on Elm Grove it was less than ideal but it was where we felt God was asking us to be. We're in the same situation here. We will slowly begin altering things, but this is a process that will take time and will need to be done with the Church of England.

You can help us through this by:
  • Being vigilent and following the signs to find things like the toilets and exits etc.
  • If you are parents, please ensure your children and within eye-shot and are not going into areas of the church and hall which they should not be.
  • Be positive! If you see something which you feel isn't right and needs working out let us know as soon as you can.
  • Pray! We really believe that God has opened up this opportunity for us to meet here - slap bang in the centre of the community that God has called us to. We want to hear God's leading in everything we are doing and we ask that you'd join us in prayer about that as well.

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