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What is this CD all about?

As a worship team we've been feeling really stirred by this notion that worship is so much more than what we do on a Sunday. Worship is our way of standing against the enemy and his plans and fixing our eyes on God's plans. Worship is also a way of inviting the presence of God into the physical places and situations that we are in.

As such, one Sunday evening in March the worship team and the church gathered together to worship - to invite God's presence - and we recorded the sounds of that evening. The recording has been put together and polished up and is now ready for us to give out to new people who attend the King's Church Services.

But we believe that God wants to do more with it - and it's our heart to bless the people of Somerstown with this CD for free. We believe that as they listen to it God's presence will do what only His presence can do - and we don't even have to be there as that happens!
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