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Gift Day 2019 - Vision

Each year we make an opportunity to sow into the vision that God has given us as a church family. This years focus is our youth and children's work.


Imagine in two years time seeing a thriving community of young people in this church. Young people who still enjoy hanging out and having fun, but who are more excited about Jesus and His plans and purposes over their life. A community of young people that is given the freedom to encounter Jesus in their own way, express their worship in their own way, become excited by the word in their own way and spread the message of Jesus in their own way too. A community of young people that is passionate about God, seeking Him, making Him known and seeing Him move supernaturally. A community of young people that is led by some passionate pastors who desire more to see the young people fall in love with and encounter Jesus than they do keep them occupied or make friends with them.

This is something we believe God has given us a vision for. It’s bold and grand - and it’s not something we are seeing at the moment. It’s with those eyes of faith that we want to pursue this and we’re inviting you to sow into this too.

We want to focus on creating a community and a culture where young people can thrive and become something here at King’s. To make this a reality, we will need passionate pastors to lead our young people.
We do want to create space for them to be, we do want to see clubs and community for them to be part of - but that only makes sense if it’s grounded in culture and our desire to see young people thrive here.

We feel God asking us to ‘start with what we have’ with the youth in our church and the youth we have connections with each week. As such we will pursue investing into our children’s work and children’s outreach club (which is planned to start in the new year) as this is where we see the next generation beginning their journey of faith and journey of becoming who God has intended for them to be.

24th February 2019

So, this Gift Day we want to ask you to sow into this vision both prayerfully and financially. Our Gift Days over the last couple of years have really focussed on our facilities here at Somers Road. We do not plan to neglect those! - but we feel God leading us to pursue ministry and vision over bricks and mortar this year.

What we want to see:

  • First and foremost, we want to encourage you to pray for the next generation - asking specifically for God to show us His heart for our children and young people. It’s not primarily about us creating a programme to keep them entertained - God sees them as so much more than that. Our King’s culture of seeing the Kings in our young people begins with us, our attitudes and having our hearts aligned with God’s for the next generation.
  • We would like to encourage you to invest financially into this, as a gift to the church, sowing into the vision of releasing the KINGS in our children and young people.

Our Goal

It is our goal that we would be able to raise £22,000. This is broken down as follows:
  • We want to resource a Children's worker to head up our team of passionate childens pastors for 1 day per week. For 2 years this will cost £8,000.
  • We also want to resource a Youth worker to head up our team of passionate youth pastors for 1.5 day per week. For 2 years this will cost £12,000.
  • We want to resource our leaders and volunteers by setting aside money for training and equipping. We want to allocate £2,000 for this.

Be Part Of It!

Our gift day is part of our worship to God - it’s our way of bringing our bodies in line with what God is doing on the inside in our hearts. It’s a way of us investing something of ourselves into the eternal plans of the Father. I’m sure all of us would desire to see our vision for youth work happen, to see young people invested in and grown here at King’s!

Gift day is our opportunity to sow into that in faith and to honour God for what He will do even before we see it happen.

Gift day will form part of the service on Sunday 24th February 2019. There will be the opportunity for you to bring your gift with you, or bring your details to pay online or pledge an amount to give at a later date.

You can also give online here.
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