A great start with our first Homeless Shelter night - more games please!
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A great start with our first Homeless Shelter night - more games please!

Last night and early this morning, we had the privilege of opening up our church home to 10 homeless guests and offering them a warm welcome, a warming dinner and a warm bed for the night.

Our guests were very friendly and greatly appreciated the welcome. Thanks to our various teams that volunteered in the evening, overnight and this morning. We've still got another 3 weeks to go, so please keep us in your prayers (it would also be great if you could continue to pray for them and the other venues throughout the week).

Thanks also to Asda Fratton and many others from across the church who have kindly donated bedding and other bits, plus FoodCycle who provided some produce for the dinner - it was all much appreciated.

Do you have any games we can borrow?

I do have one thing to ask - we could still do with a few more games. We have plenty of jigsaws, but if you have a spare chess set, board game or deck of playing cards that you'd be willing to let us borrow, that would be great and would help fill the time between dinner and bedtime. Feel free to bring them along this Sunday (please put your name on them if you'd like them back).
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