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Sunday Services over Christmas

Hi everyone,

As you know, over the last few weeks we've been trying out having church 'in the round'. This has been something that we've been excited to try as we aim for our church to feel less like a presentation event and more like family. We've really enjoyed it over the last few weeks and even though I know it's been an adjustment we really appreciate you being willing to go on the journey with us.

We wanted to let you know that we feel like it's something we want to continue with in the new year, but over the next few weeks (when there are lots of other events happening) we are going to put the chairs back towards the front. There's a fair bit of additional setting up required to make it work in the round and so we want to make the burden easier on the tech and worship teams over the next few weeks. It will also help us get more people into the building for some of our special services on the 17th, 24th and 25th of December.

On that note can I personally say a big thank you to the worship team and the tech team (in particular Sam and Jenny Bruins and Dave Puzey) for all their work in making the last few weeks work so smoothly! You guys are incredible and we appreciate you so much!

When we return in the new year we will be resuming setting up in the round (well... kind of a horse-shoe shaped...). We will be making some tweaks to make it work as well as we can (we want to especially avoid any more flying pastors!) and if you have any feedback or suggestions about it we'd love to hear. Please reply to this email or email us on

Thank you again! Merry Christmas,
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