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Women's / Transform Update

Hey King's Church,

We just wanted to update you all with some news from the women's work here at Kings. Many of you will know that our Transform fitness class has been running for 2 1/2 years and has been such a fun and uplifting time. After much thought and chatting with our wonderful fitness instructor Tracy, who is needing to focus on her family and her health right now, we've decided that the season of the fitness class has come to an end, and so it won't be restarting this term. We're so grateful for Tracy and the team who put so much into Transform and we're hoping Tracy will be able to come one Sunday so that we can thank and honour her in church.

We're really pleased that the women's craft sessions on Monday mornings and monthly Saturdays are going to continue for this next term and it's great that they are connecting more with Soulfull and the monthly Bible Journalling sessions. We were so blessed to receive some funding for Transform - this funding concludes in November and so we are looking to apply for a small pot of funding for the craft sessions to continue into next year.

The Future

The vision of the women's team is to draw closer to God and to go deeper into His word, to build closer relationships with women of all ages and in different stages of life, and to reach out to those who haven't experienced His love yet.

We realise that it is not about having different events, but about creating a space to connect with God together. To share, inspire and encourage and strengthen each other.

We are planning a "Bring and share" evening for 14th October, where different women will share their life stories, a Christmas dinner on 9th December and a Breakfast on 10th February. We are also in the process of planning our next weekend away for 2018. There are more details on the website:

We would appreciate your prayers for all that God is leading us into.
Juliet and the women's team

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