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Summer Update from the Leadership Team

Hi everyone,

We hope you are all enjoying the sun (and rain!?) and looking forward to getting a break over the summer. It's been a busy few months here at church and while we're also looking forward to some time off we feel excited and encouraged by what God is doing in us and in our Church.

Firstly thank you to everyone who currently serves on a team. We have so many hard-working volunteers who give their time and energy not only on Sundays but also throughout the week. We hope you also will get some time to recharge over the summer! If you are not currently on a team and would love to get involved do get in touch with us by emailing

Over the summer lots of things will carry on as normal but there is no Boiler Room prayer meeting and no Living Room evening meeting during August. Also, don't forget that during the summer the kids will be staying in during the service until the talk (more info available here).

We have been working hard as a leadership team trying to plan for this new season. So we've been working on some restructuring, prioritising sustainable roles that will help us to move into this next season. We've been talking and praying and also getting as much input from trusted friends and partners both in and out of the AoG which has been incredibly valuable. Doing this was always part of our vision for this year and although it may seem less exciting we've felt it absolutely critical to get that right first before we start doing anything! We feel really excited as we approach the next chapter of this as we will start to see other (perhaps more exciting!) parts of our vision for the year unfold and take shape.

We've also been really encouraged by the feedback from last Sunday where we did church a bit differently, laid out 'in the round'. We really enjoyed doing it and while it took quite a bit of effort setting it up, which means it won't be possible for it to become the norm straight away, it is something we want to pursue in this new season.

In all the things we're doing we would really value your prayers and covering in the next few months. We feel so conscious of the need for God's wisdom and leading and would appreciate your prayers. We'd also value any thoughts or questions you have - please feel free to get in touch by replying to this email or contact me directly at

Gaz on behalf of the Senior Leadership Team.
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