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Important changes to children's groups on Sundays

As a church we want to be friendly and inclusive to anyone who attends any of our services. At the same time we also want our children to be safe and to ensure we have the correct procedures in place to do that.

From Sunday October 9th we are going to be introducing a new system that will affect all children's groups. If you have children that attend Little Stars, Stepping Stones or Promiseland please read this carefully (or watch the video at the end!!).

From the 9th October:
  • As a parent, when you arrive at church please register your child at the new children's registration desk (which will be located next to the Information Table).
  • You will be given a sticker for each of your children and one for you to keep hold of which you will need to collect your child at the end of the group.
  • When the children are called forward for their groups please stick the sticker on their backs and take them as you currently do out to their groups.
  • At the end of church all children (including Promiseland children) will need to be collected and you'll need your parent sticker to do so.

To help with this new system there will also be a manned children's reception area just outside the door leading to the children's group where someone will be able to help you with anything (such as if you need to leave early or have lost a sticker).

The video below gives some more information and also outlines some frequently asked questions you may have about the system.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this, please email me on or come and speak to me or someone at the information table on Sundays.
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