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Hi everyone,

It is with enormous excitement and anticipation that we are messaging all those connected with Kings to launch our “coming home” fund. For some time we have been praying for a larger church home in our beloved Somerstown and we believe that St Peters Church is God’s provision for us. We have had many words from people on the subject of God’s land. In the Old Testament God’s land was a place flowing with plenty. It was not an easy place to live in. There were giants to be fought and cities to be conquered - but, it was worth it. Whilst Egypt was a land of “not enough”, the desert was a land of “just enough”, Canaan was a land of “more than enough”. We firmly believe that God will provide all that we need to make this move happen so that we can be His people in Somerstown…..are you excited?!

The strategy is this:

1) We do not feel at this time led to sell Elm Grove but rather see what income we can generate from the site. We are converting upstairs into a 4 bedroom flat and currently have an offer from a nursery to take over the ground floor. Please pray that planning permission will be granted for this.
2) We have agreed a sale price with the church of England for St Peters and church halls. The CofE have asked us to keep this confidential at this stage but the trustees and leadership team believe it is the right price. The CofE have to go through a lengthy legal process to sell a church building so they are granting a 2 year lease to Kings with the money being paid during the lease coming off the purchase price. The church commissioners in London have to sign off the purchase of a church building. The Bishop and the Portsmouth Diocese are committed to selling the buildings to King’s and will do everything they can to make this happen. Please be praying.


To enable the purchase of St Peters the trustees have set a faith target that we can raise £100,000 over the next 2 years. To put this into perspective this is approximately 50 people giving £80 per month for the next two years….simples.

In addition to raising the above we want to challenge everyone to be giving to the church regularly. I (Gareth) have said it many times, tithing (the practice of giving 10% of your income) is not something the bible tells us we have to do, we GET to do it! The experience of Audrey and myself is that we have never been able to outgive God. Tithing is something both of us have always done, before we were married, and as a couple. Audrey can remember giving at Sunday school and bringing her purse with pennies in it and feeling a real sense of being a part of 'her' church. Like she was helping in some way. We have always known God to be our provider and have trusted Him through every season. It has been a pleasure and and a joy to give. God does really see our hearts and so many of you have such generous hearts. Tithing is a simple, biblical way to honour God with what He has given to us, not actually by giving to Him but rather returning what is already His!

Can we ask you:

1) If you have never given to King’s why not consider starting to give? We would say at this stage - it is not the amount, rather it is your heart. Take a step, start to give and see what God does.
2) If you give to King’s but it is sporadic and unplanned, how about giving what we call “priority, planned, percentage” giving. Rather than coming to the end of month and see what is left over, why not honour God by making your giving your first priority rather than your last.
3) For those who give regularly - are you currently tithing? Why not consider giving 10%.
4) Paul tells us to excel in the grace of giving. Wherever we are at in our giving journey lets constantly be praying about how we give to our local church family.

We love you guys and we are so glad to be doing this together. If you have any questions please do contact a member of the leadership team. God is going to do amazing things in our community. Let’s move forward with faith filled hearts. Thank you for being a part of what God has called King's to be within our community of Somerstown.'

If you would like to give, please click here to see the Giving page for more information.
Loads of Love, Gareth, Audrey, Gaz, Martin and Adam


Information For New and Current Givers

We are grateful to God for everyone who gives financially towards the work of King’s Church. We are convinced God wants his people to be generous and joyful...

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