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The Costa Rica Mission Trip - Easter 2016

Over the past year we've partnered with a Christian development project in Los Guido, a deprived shanty community near San Jose, Costa Rica's capital city.

What we are supporting is a building project that is set to double the capacity and potential reach of the center as they continue to share God's love and serve the local needs.

In November, the overseas projects team sent three members of King's out to connect and literally helped to lay the foundations for this project.

During our trip each of us saw what a huge blessing the Los Guido Centre currently is to the community around it, through the evidence of transformed lives.

The King's overseas team are now planning to take a bigger group to serve over a 10 day missions trip next Easter.

We see this as a great opportunity to be stretched and grow spiritually, to use your unique gifts and be challenged by the reality of life a world away from the comfort of your front room.

If you are interested in coming on next year's trip and helping us with fundraising for the Project this year, you can speak with Martin, Tracey, Kat or Pancho at Church today.

The trip application form will be available from the information table and online for the next 6 weeks and the entry deadline is set for be the 7th June.

For more information, please help yourself to a flyer from the Los Guido Project board at the back of church or contact us through the Overseas Projects section of the website.

Why not be a part of King's vision of living in God's power, loving the broken and leaving a legacy as we serve Los Guido.

One thing you can be assured of is this - you will come back home deeply challenged, but changed for the better.

Finally, here's a cultural fact for you: In Costa Rica, the most common greeting isn't the equivalent of 'Hello!', 'Howdy', or 'How-do-you-do?' even.

Most people you meet will say 'Pura vida', which literally means 'Pure life' - it's like a national mantra constantly reminding each other to live life to the full. Isn't that a quality outlook to have?

We hope you'll consider coming on this mission trip and pray over whether you are ready for this challenge in 2016.

Pura Vida!
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