New Small Groups Coming April 2018

Hello and thanks for visiting our Small Groups page.

We recently introduced in church the exciting, new way we are going to be running small groups.
Now you've come to just the right place to find out some more detail of what's going to be happening in the coming weeks;

The vision of this new rhythm is to make sure every person who comes along to our church family can feel welcomed and connected.

We are starting with Sign up Sundays, with 10 or more different groups available, on Sunday 15th and Sunday 22nd April.
This will be your opportunity to sign up in person or online to a small group that you choose.

There will be a 3 chilli system to show the depth of each group, so if you're exploring faith or you're a new believer a 0 or 1 chilli may be best for you. If you want to go a bit deeper, a 2 or 3 chilli group may suit you.

Each group will run for approximately 12 weeks, some may be fortnightly. The time and day is decided by the leaders of the groups with details available on the groups pages, and on sign-up Sundays.

We encourage everyone to sign up for one group so that everyone has a chance to be part of a group. Group sizes vary depending on their location, but average between 10 and 16 members.

We will be enjoying rest as a church between the cycles that run. We will also be encouraging rest cycles for all leaders, so the groups available for this cycle may not be available in other cycles.

For more information please do click on the link for the video below.

We hope you're excited for this change! Please let us know if you have any questions by using the button below.
I'm interested in hearing more about small groups

Small Groups Available for Sign-Up April 2018


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