King's Community Fayres

We love our community of Somerstown and as a Church we’re committed to showing God’s love and seeing people re-connect to God and introduced to Jesus. Hosting fun, interactive Community Fayres for all ages at The King’s Church is one way we’re able to do this.

It was great to be able to invite the whole neighbourhood to our Community Fayre and Try Church in autumn 2017; delivering invites to all 7,000 households. We were able to connect to lots of people, and really excitingly see people respond to God’s love.

So we’re super excited to have another Community event soon, with The King’s Christmas Fayre, Saturday 2nd December at 1pm – 3pm with invites to “Try Church” on Sunday 3rd December. We’re planning an inter-active nativity to bring the amazing story of God’s love at Christmas alive in our community.

Please see the event below for more details about how you can get involved and help celebrate the good news of Jesus this Christmas with our community.

Christmas Community Fayre

Sat 2nd Dec 2017 at 1:00pm Hosted by King's Church, at Somers Road, Southsea
We love seeing people in our Somerstown community re-connect with God and be introduced to Jesus, that's why we host King's Community Fayres. We're really excited...