24-7 Prayer

24-7 prayer is coming to Kings Church Portsmouth!

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We are Holding a 24/7 event - though ours is slightly different this time as we are praying for 10 days.

We will start on Thursday 6th April after Boiler Room at 9pm and finish on Sunday 16th April at 9am

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Prayer Points:

Jesus loves to get in the mix - where two or three are gathered.

Prayer should lead to action and transformed lives. It was great to see the response to the call for prayer for the Youth Work last month. Now there is a team committed to prayer walking around somerstown, weekly on a Friday night and sharing the word on the street. They are a walking answer to Prayer.

PRAYER TIMES: for Early Birds and Night Owls...

24-7 Prayer Community @ King's Church

'24-7 Prayer' is a cross denominational movement that challenges and inspires the church community to set apart and dedicate time in continued prayer. To stand in intercession on behalf of people, places and situations both near and far.

There's an African saying: "When you pray, move your feet"

What a reminder that prayer is about more than silent introspection, but leads us to action! Whether that be through small acts of kindness for a neighbour, serving great initiatives in your local area, sharing Jesus in your workplace/classroom or following a calling to take up issues of justice and international mission - move your feet!

Moses was a man that moved his feet and God's promise to him was "I AM with you" - Exodus 3:14.
The same holds true for us today, the Lord delivers us - take confidence that "nothing is impossible with God" - Mark 11:24.

Seek the Lord while He may be found

No two ways about it, praying leads you close to Jesus. It is more about tuning in to the live feed to our maker, than about getting easy answers. God longs for us to depend on Him, literally to trust His purposes for our life. A christian is someone who says "Jesus is my example for life". We need look no further for evidence that Prayer is essential for us and our part in making Him known where we are.

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