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We are getting excited about our upcoming missions trips, and wanted to make sure everyone at King's church knows about the plans.
This summer we would like to take a large team to Southern Ukraine, a village called Kalanchak, to meet with and encourage Christians and churches in this area. Whilst the combat regions are hundreds of miles away in the east, the Christians in the south of Ukraine have felt isolated and discouraged. A team of 3, Gareth Benton, Mikey and Emma, visited in Autumn 2014. God really used this trip to speak to the church leaders about youth and children's work, and renew their vision for this in their churches. Many of the leaders we met from various churches in the region expressed an interest in having our church members from King's visit them in their local churches to pray for and encourage them. That is what we'd like to do.
This Summer in 2015 we are very keen to take people, with a variety of skills and gifts to visit churches in and around Kalanchak. The purpose of the trip would be encouragement, but we do not yet have a specific itinerary of what the trip would include just yet. We will be very much relying on the Holy Spirit's direction. If you are interested in hearing more about this, please email EmmaB@kingschurchportsmouth.co.uk.

The second overseas mission trip we are planning is to Los Guido in Costa Rica. the application forms for this trip are due on Sunday 7th of June. King's church have been supporting the local church to develop a community centre site in the Los Guido slum. The site already helps locals in so many ways, from providing English lessons, women's groups, kids clubs and even computer lessons. They have big plans for developing the site even further to provide for their local community. The trip in Easter 2016 will encorperating both spiritual encouragement, speaking and praying With the church members, as well as manual and physical work towards to building. Trades skills are not necessary for the team, but if you do have a particular building skill, that would be great too!

We are so excited about what God will do during these mission trips. Please consider whether you are able to join us for either or both trips.

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