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If you're considering applying for the academy, why not have a read of what some of our recent interns have had to say about their experiences...


My academy year has been a challenging one. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, when it comes to teaching, speaking and planning. Most of my time includes hanging out with the young people; this has been very rewarding and so encouraging. Especially the progress made in reaching out to the pupils in Charter Academy. Apart from growing in the areas of youth and children's work, my understanding of the bible has increased as we have gone through the reading lists as a group. I'm seeing passages in a new light with new effect.


I decided to do the Academy because I wanted to give something back to the church that blessed me so much while I was a student. During my time on the Academy so far I have really enjoyed it and have learnt a lot. I have been using my design skills to bless the church and have gained both practical and personal skills which I will take on to the next stage of my life once I finish in July. I have grown in my relationship with God, developed my spiritual gifts and been given opportunities I wouldn't otherwise have had. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to give something back!


The Academy has challenged me, it has tested me, I have learnt new things about myself and about God. This year has been a valuable opportunity to wait on God and seek his purposes for my life. I would encourage anyone to take a year to serve the church in this way, but know this; you will get out of it more than you put in - because God is gracious. The fellowship and Wednesday morning breakfasts are immense.


This is my second year at the Kings Academy and it has been very enjoyable. I have learnt a lot of new things not just spiritually, but also in doing things I never thought I would do. My favourite part of the Academy is our Wednesday meetings, where we do Bible studies and just get to know each other better. The Academy is not just about you doing stuff in church, but also learning about being accountable to others. I know that my time at the Academy has helped me grow in my understanding of God as well as others and has helped me to develop in character. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I am thankful for the opportunity.


The Kings Church Academy has helped me get to know more about what happens at the church and gain a greater understanding of the ‘mission’ we are involved in. It has inspired me to achieve a better understanding of my faith, which in turn has allowed me to strengthen and develop my giftings. I have been empowered to put those giftings into practice and use them to bless others. The 2 years have helped me deepen my Christian roots and achieve greater fellowship with others in the church. I can sincerely and honestly say that my life has been changed by the Academy and that I am a very different person, for the better, than I was before I started. It has helped me move on immeasurably and achieve breakthrough in my life.


The Academy has been more than just a year of bible study and mentoring. I have found personal growth, in my knowledge of the Word, my relationships with people, and my relationship with God. Having a consistent group that encourages and inspires each other is a real strength of the programme, and the teaching sets you up for life, both inside and outside the church.
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