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Ian Macpherson (Group Administrator)
You will need: a pen, paper and your imagination

Get yourself into a comfortable position. Take a few minutes to focus on your breathing, take slow, deep breaths and welcome the Spirit to fill you afresh.

Jesus at Your Door

Imagine this… It’s morning and the doorbell has woken you, “Was I meant to meet someone?” you think as you get out of bed and walk to the front door. There, standing in the doorway, is a man with a warm smile. You’ve never met Him face to face but somehow you recognise Him: Jesus has come to your home! What breakfast would you share with Him? Think of the smell, how does it taste, what would you drink? As you look across at Him is there something you want to ask Him? Why not take this opportunity…

At the end of the meal Jesus looks up and asks, “I want to see what this place, the place where you live, is like. Would you show me around?”

Use Your Imagination

Imagine you and Jesus walk out your front door and through your village, town or city. You take the journey slower than normal, every road name sticks in your head and things seem more vivid today.

What do you notice about the streets and the people?

Jesus knocks on a door and an elderly woman answers. He tells her that He’s heard her prayer and whispers something in her ear. Tears of joy fill her eyes. You continued your journey passing young people hanging out, Mums with their children and people going about their daily jobs.

Who do you want to stop and talk to?
Who do you want to introduce to Jesus?
What does He say to them?

Jesus asks you what you know about your area. He’s particularly interested in employment, homelessness, unwanted children, other religions practised there and how many Christians there are. Take some time to think about how you would answer Jesus and what His response would be.

Pray with Him about these issues as you walk the streets.

You’ve arrived at the local Hospital, Doctor’s surgery or medical clinic. Jesus looks around the waiting area then sits down next to a man in the corner. As they speak colour fills the man’s face, he straightens, walks out healed.

Who else would Jesus visit here?
Pray for the sick with Him, imagine those you know who need healing being prayed for.

Continue your journey to places where people need Jesus’ help. Think of schools, local law enforcement, the oppressed or imprisoned. Where are the significant landmarks of your area? As you imagine taking him to each one how does Jesus respond and whom is He interested in speaking with?

You decide to take Jesus out for the evening, hoping to introduce him to your friends. Who’s out on the street as the day grows dark? You find your favourite place to hang out and introduce him to your friends. Conversation starts quickly everyone has questions and a crowd begins to gather.

What would your friends ask Jesus? How would you respond to their questions?
People see you sitting with Him, how do you feel about it?
Are you behaving the same as you normally would or are you different tonight?

At the end of an amazing evening Jesus gives you a massive hug and thanks you for a lovely day. You wander home and think about what it would be like if He visited everyday. What would change in your area and in you? Ask for Jesus to give you the Holy Spirit and as you leave the 24-7 Prayer Room ask to be Jesus’ representative bringing God’s Kingdom with you into all the places you have been thinking about.
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