24/7 Prayer Articles 60 Minutes - Praying for Others
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Ian Macpherson (Group Administrator)
You will need: a Bible, a box of tissues and a pen.

Say ‘Hi’ to God and read Matthew 28:16-20

Who do You Sneeze On? (15 minute)

  • Get a tissue and write your name in the middle.
  • Then write the names of your friends that don’t know Jesus and link them to yours with arrows. (If you’re finding it hard think of areas of your life like family, work, school or your neighbourhood.).
  • How would knowing God impact the lives of these people? Draw something by each name to represent the change.

Seeing Jesus in People (10 minutes)

  • Read Genesis 1:27.
  • We are all made in the image of God. Think about each friend and write down the good qualities God has given them (i.e. they are generous, faithful, compassionate, etc.).
  • Thank God for the unique way He created each of them.

How Contagious are You? (15 minutes)

  • The Bible uses analogies like light in the darkness or salt in food to describe how we should be displaying our faith in Jesus. Read: Mathew 5:15.
  • Consider the last week – how have you displayed your passion for Jesus in words and deeds to the people you’ve been praying for?
  • Read John 15:4.
  • We need to remain rooted in Jesus if we want to be part of His plan for our friends come to know Him. Ask Jesus to give you His Holy Spirit afresh today. Spend 5 minutes in silence giving Him your full attention

Spreading the Virus (10 minutes)

  • If loving God were like a virus that you could pass onto your friends, much like a sneeze passes on a cold, the people surrounding your name would be the first to catch it. Pray for them individually that they catch your life saving ‘virus’ and be led to Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

Who’s in Range? (10 minutes)

  • Has God drawn your attention to specific people on your piece of tissue? Circle their names.
  • Ask God how He would like you to encourage them towards Jesus.
  • If He speaks to you or you have an idea of how you could bless them write it down and promise to do it within a week.

'Now Sneeze…

  • Pick up the tissue full of names and sneeze on it!
  • Ask God for more opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with each and every person mentioned.

As you leave the Prayer Room take this tissue with you, keep it in your pocket to remind you to pray
daily for your friends and family.
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