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Tent Appeal!

Hi peeps

WE NEED YOUR HELP! we descovered today that the tents we use for youth camp and soul survivor have been stolen from the shed we keep them in.
What we are asking for is:

A) your prayers - i dont think the kids will appreciate sleeping al fresco
B)IF by any chance, you have a tent that you dont use and is relativley leak proof and would like to donate it we will love your forever. OR if you are willing to donate a tent to use for a couple of weeks that would be amazing also, the only catch is it will have teenagers sleeping in it and we cannot guarantee it will be returned in quite the same condiditon (although we will absolutley strive to keep it that way!)

we go to set up camp THIS Friday (3rd Aug) so this is a urgent ask please! contact us if you can help us, thank you!

Gill, Mikey + Carly
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