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Student Small Group Sign Up Sundays

As you may be aware, sign up Sundays for this term of small group is happening this Sunday 6th January and Sunday 13th January. We are changing the format of student small groups this term slightly in that we will be joining in with the 12 week cycles that the adult small groups follow from now on, giving you the opportunity to choose which small group you would like to join for approximately 12 weeks!

Everyone will have to sign up to a small group again however, don't panic if you aren't back in Portsmouth on these 'sign-up Sundays' and want to sign up to a small group - You can sign up online!

We have four student small groups this term which is so exciting! We are intentionally setting a smaller limit of 8 students per small group this term to create a bit more space and opportunity for you to invite friends who have questions about christianity, church, faith etc. to join the small group and hopefully discover answers and find that community feel.

How do I sign up to a small group online?

It's easy, all you have to do is go to Student Small Groups which will give you the four student small group options. Each group will have some information about the small group to give you an idea of what goes on each week, when they meet etc.
Once you have decided which small group you would like to join, all you need to do is click the "sign up to this small group" button, which should be located at the left hand side of each group page.

You can choose to stay in the small group that you were in last term however, once a small group hits their maximum capacity, you may be asked to join a different group that isn't full yet! So why not check the groups out now so that you're ready to join one either online or at church on the 'sign up Sundays' starting tomorrow!

Any questions, feel free to email Mollie or Davinia :)
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