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King’s Students are starting a new and exciting event this year, with the aim to connect students with the wider church family and understand that students are an integral part of the church family.

We are introducing “Adopt-A-Student”. You may have heard of this from student events years ago at the church as, rumor has it, this used to be an event in the very beginning of student work at King’s Church! However, we are expanding and widening the concept of Adopt-A-Student to more than what you initially think or may have known previously.

What is Adopt-A-Student?

‘Adopt-A-Student’ is an opportunity for you, as a student, to be ‘adopted’ by a family or couple in the church for the year and go home with them after church on Sundays for lunch (when’s the last time you’ve had a home cooked meal?!)

However, it won’t just be a lunch relationship, but the family will ‘adopt’ you into their family spiritually and will walk next to you through any struggles or trials you may face this year, as an encourager and someone who can hold up your hands when you can’t, to pray with you and to be a shoulder to cry on. They will be available and willing to encourage you whenever you need, speak life, pray for you and be there when home is feeling that little bit further away than normal.

When will it happen?

The first Adopt-A-Student Sunday will take place on Sunday 5th November 2017 and will take place after this on the first Sunday of every other month. You can be invited back for lunch more than these Adopt-A-Student lunch dates, however we thought it would be good to have some provisional dates in order to have all the Adopt-a-Student families gathering and to allow people to be meeting on a regular basis.
The provisional Adopt-A-Student Sunday dates after church will be the following:
Sun 5th Nov 2017
Sun 7th Jan 2018
Sun 4th March 2018
Sun 6th May 2018

How do I sign up to get 'adopted'?

If you are interested in being ‘adopted’ by a family in the church for the year, why not click the button below to let us know. In order to try place you with a family that will be most suited to you, it would be helpful if you could indicate your:
  • Home-town
  • University course and year

It would also be helpful to know whether or not you would feel comfortable going to a family's house by yourself or if you would like to go with another student, so if you could also indicate this when clicking the button below too, that would be great.

Once we have allocated you a family, we will send you an email to connect you with the family.
I want to be 'adopted' by a family in the church!

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