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Some Exciting Updates For You!

Hey students!
Hope you've all be enjoying a really fab summer and are looking forward to coming back to Portsmouth in just a few weeks time!

We've been super busy over the summer as a leadership team, and hopefully you will recently have received an email through the website with some exciting updates about what's been happening. For the benefit of any of you that might have missed that, among those exciting updates has been news about changes to my role in the church as we continue to pursue all that God has in store for us in this new season. In short, I am stepping into the role of "Associate Pastor", which essentially means I will be working closely alongside Gaz (who is stepping into the role of 'Lead Pastor') to help lead the church forward. If you missed the details of this update you can find it here...

More Great News...

Taking up the role of Associate Pastor does of course require some changes to my previous role as the Student Pastor, but this new role is still going to include bringing oversight to the student ministry (so don't worry, I won't be a stranger!). As a team, we have felt like this is a great moment for us to be releasing some other people to get more substantially involved with helping to make our student ministry awesome, and so we are also excited to announce the following...

Mollie Morrison (Student Worker)

Mollie is going to be volunteering a couple of days a week of her time this year to take up a new role as a Student Worker here at King's Church. Among other things, this new role will involve her overseeing things like our Student linkup process and the program of Student Events that we run through the course of the year. So don't be surprised if you start to hear from her in the coming weeks as plans come together!

Davinia Krycler (Student Support Coordinator | Student Small Group Supervisor)

Having already been involved to a measure previously, Davinia is going to be taking up two distinct roles which will involve her working with our pastoral care team to help oversee the pastoral care for our student community, and will involve her helping to oversee student small groups.

Jon & Carly Butler (Small Group Pastors)

Jon & Carly have already been serving our church as our Small Group Pastors for some time, and going into this new season they will be helping to bring more input in regards to leadership training and accountability for our Student Small Group leaders.

As a team we're really thankful for each of these people who are taking up these roles, so we hope you will join with us in praying for them, and for an incredible year of fresh Kingdom fruitfulness in our Student Ministry.

Please do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions you would like to ask.
Love & Prayers
Adam (On behalf of the Senior Leadership Team)
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