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Escape and Pray

'Could it be that in Europe a fire is being stoked and the universities are the kindling?'

Escape and Pray is a national initiative to stir up passion for local mission amongst the students and churches in Europe. Hundreds of students and student workers throughout the UK are heading to different cities throughout the continent to prophesy over the cities, resource the churches and fire up the students to change their Universities.

And we are involved.

Our Escape and Pray team are heading to Gatwick on Tuesday 16th June to receive our tickets and flight information. We don't have a clue where in Europe we are going, we only have €20 each and we have no arrangements for where to stay when we arrive. We will receive a list of challenges to accomplish while we are there to give us some direction of what we can do when we arrive.

The only way we will be able to be effective will be with the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer.

We are asking you to pray for us!

We need you to pray for boldness, food, shelter and most importantly that we can meet, inspire and equip the right people for Gods plan.

We are on twitter

A massive part of Escape and Pray is encouraging the Students and churches in the UK to get on board with the mission and to follow our stories.


You can find CURRENT UP-TO-DATE stories at #escapeandpray if you are a twitter user. You can follow our story at @EscapePompray. We will be posting updates of everything we do.

If you have more questions about what we are up to, or you are interested in taking part in this scheme next year, pop me an email at

See you in Europe!
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