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Thu 12th October 2017 7:30pm - 10:00pm King's Church, Somers Road, Southsea, Portsmouth.. PO5 4QA

What is 'The Overflow'?

With so many students enjoying student small groups last year, we thought it would be great to spend a bit of time all together in one bigger group before we launch into our smaller groups.

For the first few weeks of term, "The Overflow" will create an opportunity for students to get together, meet new people, catch up, chill out, eat food and have some fun, while pressing into the heart of God and allowing the Holy Spirit to 'overflow' into every aspect of our lives.

Each week we will look at a different 'hot topics' from our mini-series which we have called "hot topics of University life". These talks will help you to think how to practically and spiritually be witnesses for God in all circumstances at University and how to walk with Jesus through situations that these topics may throw at you.

Each week, we will create space where you can ask any questions you may have to a panel of people with experience on the discussed topic and have testimonies from students who have experienced first-hand the "hot topic".

Lastly, it will be a fantastic time to begin to catch hold of the vision and the heart of God for the year ahead together!

This Week at 'The Overflow'

We'll be concluding our mini-series on "hot topics of University life" this week, focusing on our last 'hot topic' before launching into small groups next week, so the wait is nearly over!

'Hot topic #3' - Image is everything.

University can often have a big impact on people's image. But do you know what the Bible says about your true image? We'll be fixing our eyes intently on Jesus and looking at the heavenly perspective of your time at University and how being made in the image of God is everything.

Hope you can join us!

What happens after this week?

Next week we will be launching small groups! This is where you will meet weekly with a group of students, normally at someone's house, to journey through life and university together.

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