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Sun 9th September 2018 9:00pm Sun 16th September 2018 9:00am King's Church Prayer Room. PO5 4QA

What's Happening...

Prayer is a vital part of church life and with so many students arriving in Portsmouth to start their University journey in the next few weeks, this is a perfect time to cover the city as well as new and returning students in prayer, as a church!

We are holding a 24/7 week of prayer to pray specifically for students in this city; for new students arriving, for returning students and for the students within our church.

It will be running for for 7 whole days, 24hours a day (the clue is in the name)! It will start on Sunday 9th September at 9pm and finish on Sunday 16th September at 9am, when freshers will have arrived and we will be getting a bunch a fresh faced students joining us for our morning service in their search for a church.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for a one hour time slot by clicking the link below. We would encourage you to sign up for more than one hour slot, which you can either do one your own or ask a friend/some friends to join you. Why not commit to one hour every day for the week? Or for the hardcore amongst you, book out some night-time slots with some friends and enjoy the stillness of the night during prayer!

You would be surprised at how fast one hour goes after reading prayers written and praying yourself! So what are you waiting for... Get signed up to slot(s) now! I dare you.

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