King's Orphanage Uganda

The King's Orphanage in Uganda is a project started by Richard Watuulo and his wife Lydia. Richard spent many years studying in the UK but had a vision to build an orphanage for local street children back in his home town in Uganda.

Recent News...

Many of you will know that Marianne Matthews and Audrey Benton went to visit the project in June 2012. It was great to see all that had been done over the years and to connect with Richard and Lydia Watuulo who have been running and supporting the home from the beginning. While they were visiting it was made aware that both Richard and Lydia were praying about where God wanted them as they both felt that He was leading them in a new direction.

As a leadership team, we too have been praying that God would lead them.

We have recently learned that they feel that they are no longer able to run King's House and that it is time to close it down. This is sad for us but we trust that it is the right decision for their family and that God will provide for those who have been able to be looked after by the project.
We want to be a church who is looking after those who are in need and want to be doing that on an international level as well as on our own door step.

We are currently praying for this opportunity as a church. Would you stand with us and pray for Richard and Lydia as well as those who have lived in the home. Would you also pray that the Lord would lead us to right areas to support as a church.

If you have any questions please contact one of the leadership team and we would love to answer anything we can. Thank you church, for all the support you have given over the years. We know when God blesses people, it lasts.