Groundbreakers is our weekly Sunday group for primary school aged children at King's. If you're hoping to join us for the first time we would love to see you! Parents register children at the kid's registration desk before the main service starts and then drop them off to the groups when announced from the front. Children are collected from Groundbreakers at the end of the service, around 12pm.

We teach the children; they are the church, that God loves them so much and He has a part for each of them to play in His story. We spend a lot of the session in small groups with the intention of this growing strong relationships and to help the children to journey together with Jesus. We hope the children leave more equipped each week to share Jesus with others.

We join together as a large group a couple of times throughout the session, once in the middle to introduce the teaching theme and once at the end for praise and worship.

Check out our Groundbreakers anthem which we sing each week!