Vision 2017

Our mission as a church is not something that can be achieved all at once. After much prayer we feel God is prompting us to work towards and pray in some old and new ideas. We've outlined them below.

You can also watch the Sunday service where we spoke about this in more detail:

1. Visitation

Built on key values of: Starting on our doorstep, building bridges, echoing the Father & releasing heaven on Earth

As a church community we want to take active steps towards the people in our community by prayerfully, strategically and lovingly visiting them in their homes. This is a key element that our church used to pioneer but has since stopped and we want to see this start again with a renewed focus as a way of engaging once again with the grass roots our our community and our calling as a church. We want to show people that God is alive and the Church is alive, asking people for things we can pray for (seeing signs, wonders, miracles) and telling people the Gospel with a readiness to see people saved.

We want to see:

2. King's Kids

Built on key values of: Starting on our doorstep, investing in the next generation, being inclusive, trusting in God’s word.

One thing that has had a profound impact on the young people (and now the young adults) and their families in Somers Town is King’s Kids. It is often the thing that people we meet, young people on Fridays, Foodbank clients and visitors to church mention even though it has not happened for many years. King’s Kids was an amazingly easy way to teach young people about Jesus in a fun way. We want to relaunch King’s Kids but with a strategic focus on reaching not just the kids but the parents too.

We want to see:

3. Prayer

Built on key values of: Echoing the Father, expecting the miraculous, releasing heaven on Earth.

Prayer must be an immovable pillar in our church that underpins everything that goes on. We want to get serious about being a church that really prays in the next 12 months.

We want to see:

4. Engagement With Our Church

While points 1, 2 & 3 cover specific things that we want to see happen, we want to see our church and the community of Somers Town really engage with our church and ultimately with Jesus in a much deeper way. We want to see our church grow in number, we want the members of our church grow in maturity in Christ and we want to see our church excited about the possibility of God moving in a way that really starts to bring about transformation and renewal of us as individuals, Somers Town and our work, schools and families. Many people in Somers Town, have no idea who or what The King’s Church is and over the next 12 months we want to change that.

We want to see:

We expect to see a large number of people turn to Jesus through visitation, King’s Kids and the strengthening of the other key ministries. (Key values: Developing leaders & releasing Heaven on Earth)

To help and look after these we want to see: