What we're about and what we do

Encounter Vision Statement

To bridge the gap between GroundBreakers and regular adult church for 11 – 14 year-olds.
By providing authentic and relevant Bible teaching in a style that enables the youths to apply the teaching directly to their everyday lives.
So that they can grow in the knowledge of Jesus and how He through them can impact their world.

What makes a great Encounter session

1. It starts before the session. Engaging with the youths before church. Making them feel welcome and part of the church.
2. Being enthusiastic all the way through the session, even if the youths are stonewalling you.
3. Keeping the teaching relevant to the youths. So that they can apply it directly to their lives.
4. Look up at the youths, engage them while you speak.
5. In your pairs mix up who’s talking. So they don’t get bored of hearing just one voice.
6. Never read off a screen. Have notes that you can quickly refer to, to keep you on track.
7. In your preparation aim to only of 2 or 3 points. Don’t worry if you don’t cover them all.
8. Always finish with prayer and the offer of prayer for the youths.