Our Ministry

Did you know there are over 600 million disabled people in the world? That's a lot of people! Did you also know that most of these disabled people have never heard about Jesus? This makes this group of people one of the biggest outreach groups in the world. Most disabled people will not have heard about Jesus or heard of any bible stories because they have not been communicated to them in the right way.

At King's we are committed to making our church a place of inclusion and equality for everyone. That's why on a Sunday morning not only do we have Signers and Volunteers to support adults with learning disabilities during the service. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who offer alternative provision to the normal Sunday Kids Group.

We tell sensory stories, do some Worship and Pray. The activities are tailored to the needs of the children as each child has very different needs. We also have a time to relax and enjoy some sensory toys related to our bible story that week. Some weeks we also have messy play whoo!

If you know of a family who would benefit from this alternative provision on a Sunday morning please tell them about us. We are always excited to meet some more friends! :)