Our Projects:

Joy for Children and Communities is a Christian UK registered Charity (1107290). They run 4 projects in Kampala, Uganda in 4 of the poorest slum areas. Bwaise, Mulgao, Bukoto and Makerere-Kivulu. The projects are community led as we feel it is really important to empower the communities in the slums.

Women's Project:

The women's project provides small business loans for women to start their own businesses. At the meetings the women discuss issues affecting their community and sometimes have special educational talks about Family Planning etc. They can also learn English at the groups.

Children's Project:

The children's groups meet at the same time as the women's groups. The children are taught about the Bible and play fun games. They sometimes do craft activities and they write to their sponsors. Philip the children's worker also teaches the children English. They all absolutely love the groups, it's a little bit like King's Kids... just in the slums of Uganda!

Football Project:

This group meet to play football to encourage boys to socialise with each other. They meet with a positive role model and are encouraged to steer clear of the anti social behaviour which unfortunately a lot of boys in the slums get into.

Disabled Children's Project.

This project was only set up in August, The project aims to provide support to families of Disabled Children. They can access information on their child's disability and have access to sensory toys and Physiotherapy. The children read the Bible with the project worker and she is there to support the care givers in prayer too.

Disabled Children's Project

Unfortunately Disabled Children are the most vulnerable children in Uganda. They are often hidden away because their families are ashamed of them. Many of their fathers abandon their families because they have given birth to a disabled child. These Children are often not looked after as well as other children in the family and get less food and often have no clothes. Many do not have adequate care, or places to sleep and many children have to stay in the same position all day every day.
Pablo and I head up this project. This is why we went to Uganda in August. We are in regular contact with our project worker Annah and the director Moses so even though we aren't in Uganda at the moment we can still get regular updates.

So What Do We Do?

We work with around 40 children currently. Annah will visit each child twice a month, some of our children do need visiting weekly because of their living conditions and the attitudes of their families. Annah takes sensory toys with her and will play with the child. For some she can teach them English and teach them how to count. For others she works on fine motor skills with them so their hands will become stronger. Annah also does Physio with the children and reads the bible to them. The children love seeing the pictures in the bible and really enjoy the visits from Annah.
For the parents we provide fellowship, many of them are very sad because they can't get a job as they have to care for their children so they end up resenting them. Annah supports the parents to see that their children deserve the best care. She can give them advice on how to care for their children, how to do physiotherapy with them and teaches the parents about how important it is to change children's positions throughout the day. Annah also prays with the family and sends us the prayer requests so we can pray for them too. A lot of the parents are really thankful for the visits and a lot say they now have hope for their futures which is great!

Romans 9vs 25-26: In the message it says 'I'll call nobodies and make them somebodies; I'll call the unloved and make them beloved. In the place where they yelled out, "You're nobody!" they're calling you "God's living children."

This verse really stands out to me as this is what our project aims to do. We want parents to see that their children are worthy and we want the children to feel so loved. We are also aiming to speak to the communities about Disabled Children so that one day the children we work with who are currently the 'nobodies' become the 'somebodies'.

How do we give?

If you would like to give a one off gift or give monthly you can set up a direct debit:
Joy For Children and Communities
Account Number: 51570013
Sort Code: 402433

Once you have done this please send a quick email to joyforchildrenandcommunities@gmail.com and copy me in harriet.lunnemann@gmail.com. Just say how much you are giving and that it is for the disabled children's project so we can restrict the funds! THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT :)