Los Guido - Community Development Centre

Los Guido Centre - meeting it's local community needs through education and social ministries

About the project

William Zapata and his wife Nadia serve as missionaries in Costa Rica, William now leads the Central America division of Latin Link. Over ten years ago William was given the vision for a christian centre in the heart of this deprived shanty community on their doorstep. They began to explore this call by leading a weekly prayer group in the home of a local lady who had recently come to faith in Los Guido...And the rest is history - and we are privileged to help make their story one of growing success and bring glory to God!

In spite of very limited resources, in the years that followed the Lord continued to guide a growing group of volunteers committed to the cause of serving in the community. Their work was rewarded when the local mayor offered a piece of land thst had once been homes but had become a local drug den for a time, before being used as a dump site.

Several church mission groups have supported this project in previous years, helping them clear and build on the site. Today, there's an active group of local volunteers teaching arrange of classes (IT skills, English and crafts groups) to provide training as a route to employment, as well as regular home visits as support to families.

Los Guido itself is a large shanty town consisting of corrugated iron-clad single storey homes in the hills above San Jose. Many of those living here are immigrants or second generation settlers from surrounding countries having fled political unrest and searching for a better life.

There's great need for teenage and adult education, as well as social action initiatives to break the pattern of drug addiction and violence that is sadly common to many who grow up here. The project aims to create a culture where God can break through all aspects of life - to make poverty, drug abuse, violence things of the past.

King's involvement

The Overseas Projects Team has pledged its support and fund raising initiative to the Los Guido project through the next phase of building, this is to meet their need to create more space for growth and create an environment that continues to welcome and serve the community effectively.

We also sent a team on an initial recce trip in November 2014 to develop strong links, grow our relationship and report on what is needed for the work at hand.

There are plans afoot to arrange a missions trip from King's during the 2016 Easter Holidays, more information to follow in March 2015.

Who are we partnering?

La Amistad International Church, San Jose.
As part of their ministry Pastor William works to promote unity among local pastors in Los Guido, for a more coordinated approach to mission and social outreach initiatives.